Guide on Choosing Travel Bags for Women |

Women often have trouble handling and bringing luggage every time they travel. Compared to most men, women tend to bring more and shop for many things. It may be quite difficult to pack things without knowing what factors to consider. Even the type of luggage can affect your traveling experience. If you are thinking of what travel bags for women to use and how to pack, then read on. The following sections offer some tips and tricks when packing and choosing the appropriate luggage.

You have several options when it comes to travel bags for women. These include a backpack, rolling suitcase or duffel bag. The following summarizes the features of each type of travel bags for women mentioned:

- Backpack – if you are a frugal traveller, a backpack is your best choice. A backpack is good for a long weekend or even for a few weeks or months of travel. Because it is handy, you can take it anywhere so long as you can carry it. You can fit in a lot of items though backpacks are also limited depending on their size. Be more careful about going out with many clothes in your pack. Backpacks can be strong but they do not retain shape like rolling luggage. Depending on how you carry your bag, you can accidentally press or squash some of your items. You may also unintentionally crumple some of your clothes. Most backpacks have soft outlines and do not have hard cases. You may find those with hard cases but they are still not as tough as rolling luggage. This may also be useful when searching for a men’s travel bag.

- Rolling luggage – although rolling luggage is often associated with luxury or business travel, you can also opt for it. Compared to backpacks, rolling luggage is not rugged. You can drag it in many places but not on gravel road or stair cases. Nonetheless, you can ensure that your things stay intact and your clothes remain free of creases. This type of traveling bag often works best with people who only stay in one place or more in urban areas. It is also ideal for those looking for efficiency and ease of packing. If you have no plans of moving around too much, this is the bag for you. Get a rolling luggage with a strong set of wheels. It should also come with warranty. If you plan on using the bag for most of your travels, invest more on a quality bag. Take the time to research on reliable brands.

- Duffel bag – this suits short trips. If you only plan on going out for the weekend, choose a duffel bag. It is easy to stuff things in and is easy to carry around. If you want to find quality travel bags for women, research carefully. There are many providers online and finding sellers of travel bags for women including lingerie bag should not be a problem.

You can also search the internet for information and sellers of travel wallets.

Tips for Traveling with your Portable Computer |

The portable computer has become a staple for many business travelers. If you are planning to travel with yours here are some things to check before you go.

–You will be required to pass your computer through the hand carry baggage X-ray scanner. The X-ray machine will not harm your disk drive although some travelers prefer to carry their floppy diskettes around the X-ray and hand to the guard for review.

- Carry your computer separately from your luggage so that you can easily present it to airport security.

 Expect to be stopped at the airport by security. You may be asked to power up your computer to ensure that it is not a security threat. Make sure the computer has enough battery charge to do this multiple times.

 Keep your eye on the portable computer while on the belt lest someone picks it up in error or intended theft.

 If you plan to work on the plane you will not be allowed to power up until the airplane is at cruising altitude and you will need to turn off during the airplane descent.

Check to see if your portable computer has an international power supply so that you can plug in to various outlets. Bring adapters for the different countries you will visit.

- Most business travelers suggest to carry at least two batteries with you for back up and to upgrade your batteries where possible to longer life batteries.

 Check with your International hotel in advance to find out if your room will have a data line and a telephone line so you can plug in your computer and use the phone at the same time. Some hotels now offer in- room PC’s so you can just bring diskettes etc.

 Make sure you pack all necessary items to create an international connection such as a small screwdriver, adaptor jacks, security password cards etc.

 Make sure you get all necessary phone numbers and set up information in advance.

 If you work for a large firm you should confirm in advance all necessary phone numbers and make any necessary changes before you leave. Print out phone numbers for multiple cities and locations that you might possibly be in.

 If you work for a small firm, or you own your own firm call your ISP (internet service provider) before you go and make sure they have international connections and phone numbers where you are traveling. Some do not.

 Check your email software package. Some will allow you to put in your own phone calling card. This will be cheaper than using the hotel phone line.

 Make sure you test your connection before you go. It is worth the long distance call to ensure that a connection can be made.

 Make sure you bring all necessary files with you and have them loaded on the portable computer before you go.

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